IEAC’s Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to run for executive positions at IEAC and the sub-associations?

  • Generally, for IEAC and its sub-associations, any undergraduate student at Concordia interested in IEAC and its sub-associations is eligible to run for office and hold executive positions.
  • There is an exception for IEAC’s Board of Directors (B.O.D.). Graduate students can also apply for this position, as the B.O.D. is an anonymous governing body that is not affiliated with any association and is there to keep things in check, both undergraduates and graduate students and individuals from the larger community are eligible to run for this position. 

Can graduate students run for office?

  • Yes, graduate students can run for IEAC’s Board of Directors or be on other Boards and Advisory committees for IEAC’s sub-associations. 

What is a members’ list, and why do we need it?

  • IEAC and its sub-associations each have a members’ list which is a record of undergraduate students who have signed up/registered with the sub-associations. The members’ list is important as it is used to verify if by-elections, general assemblies, amendments, and other things have reached quorum.

Who can vote during by-elections? 

  • For the sub-associations, only undergraduate students registered on the member’s list can vote during by-elections. 
  • For IEAC, only the sub-associations can vote during its by-elections. 

What is the quorum of a successful election? 

  • For sub-associations, a successful quorum is 50% plus 1. 
  • For IEAC, a successful quorum is 50% plus 1.

Can the dates be changed for by-elections/general elections? 

  • By-elections and general elections dates cannot be changed. Only under certain exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of IEAC can the dates be changed.

Does my sub-association need a by-election if its executive team is incomplete?

  • IEAC strongly recommends its sub-associations to hold by-elections to fill vacant positions as a complete team means more support that will allow the association to function smoothly. 
  • If IEAC has been made aware that there are issues within the association or that there is a strong need to have by-elections to fill vacant positions, only then will IEAC require by-elections to take place for the association. 

When does the Constitution and By-laws need to be updated?  

  • The Constitution and By-Laws must be updated every two (2) years both for IEAC and its sub-associations.

Can information regarding a conflict within IEAC and/or its sub-association be shared with a friend or close family member?

  • No, according to the IEAC’s Constitution, a conflict is confidential, and sharing the information is a violation of Concordia and IEAC’s By-laws.